There may be many reasons that a younger woman chooses to date an older man. There should be no shame in who you love; women need to support each other and respect the decisions that other women make. In the words of Mohadesa Najumi, '[T]he woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.'

Older Men are More Cultured

Simply put, women mature more quickly than men. Younger women often choose to date an older man who has had more experiences and been through more in life because at that point, he is more mature. Older men are more confident and they know what they want and how to work to achieve their goals.

Older men have seen and done more and are wiser in the ways of the world. Women can appreciate this as they are also ready for these life experiences and want a partner with whom they can share them.

Older Men are More Financially Responsible

When you are in a partnership you want to feel like equals if you are both income earners. Younger men are not always financially responsible and they throw their money away on frivolous toys leaving the woman to worry about bills and other financial obligations.

Older men have learned some control over their finances and are more willing to enter a financial partnership when they are in a relationship. They have learned the value of equal contribution and sharing in the family's financial decisions. They understand the importance of a secure future and work hard to make enough money for the future and then put their wants second to that.

Younger women feel more secure with an older man who has a plan for the future.

Older Men are More In-Tune with the Needs of Their Partner

Older men have more experience with women and have had an opportunity to learn how a woman wants to be treated. Younger women appreciate this as they want to be treated with love and respect from the start of a relationship.

Many older men are still chivalrous and open the car door or bring flowers and wine when they pick you up for a date. Much of that seems to be lost on the younger generation even though women still love to be treated that way.

Older men are also more in-tune with a partner's needs in bed. Younger women enjoy the experience of being with someone who already knows how to please a woman.

Older Men are More Likely to Want a Serious Relationship

Many younger men still want to play the field. If a younger woman is ready to settle down she may date older men who are established and ready to settle as well. Older men are able to make more of a commitment and may also be ready to start a family.

A younger woman may date an older man who is no longer interested in playing the field and wants to make a life-long commitment.

Older Men Have More Sophisticated Tastes

Older men have had their share of fun and have started to become more sophisticated in their tastes. An all-inclusive trip no longer means drinking all day in the pool or at the beach. They prefer to take a trip and experience the food and culture of another place and enjoy some quiet time with the woman they love.

Older men will take women out to a nice restaurant or a play and understand the effect that quality time will have on their relationship.

When younger women choose to date older men, they are choosing a life that they are ready for well before their male counterparts of equal age.

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