Where to Meet women
So are you looking for a place where you can meet Ms. Right? Have been you asking your pals on where to meet women?

Most often than not, a cliché answer of the the bar is what you will hear from men when you asked these questions. While most guys tend to go to bars to meet singles, many relationships that started with a drunken night and dance-floor-hook-ups are downright disaster and never seem to go anywhere.

The thing is, there are several places other than bars where you can meet smart and beautiful women. With this, let this page give you some non-bar places on where to meet women. Read on!

Where to meet women

Social events. These are occasions that you should never pass up. If you were invited to a party, make sure to attend no matter how boring your social life is. This is the right time to change that. Remember, the more exposure you get, the more you are likely to meet the right one for you. Also, this can give you a good time while waiting for that special someone.

Malls. Home improvement shops, supermarkets and other stores are great places to meet girls. You can strike up a conversation by asking her opinion on something you are about to purchase.

Salsa class. This is a social environment where you can meet lots of single women who are willing to meet new people. Now, if a woman arrives without a partner, she is likely in for some great talking with someone.

Social sports for adults. Both men and women love to spend their free time on sports. These may include leagues for tennis, volleyball, golf, dodgedell, biking, softball and a lot more. Aside from the possibility of meeting women, you will also get in shape with these sports that can increase your odds of attracting the women population.

Your Friend's House. This is one of the best places to meet women. Your pal or his significant other may invite their friends and can introduce someone to you during a party or casual get-together. Maybe you two are perfect match and can start a romantic relationship.

At the gym. If you are a gym rat who does regular exercise in a health club, chances are you will see similar faces during your workouts. If there's someone who interests you, an opportunity might present itself. However, keep in mind that she's there to exercise so you need to respect that but never shy away by introducing yourself.

Coffee shops. This is quite similar to bars but is far better in meeting women. Girls who regularly stay in coffee shops are said to be grounded and more laid-back.

Dog parks. This is another best place on where to meet women. Pet owners usually bump with each other in such place. The good thing is, when the girl you like happens to have a pet that your dog gets along with, then that is a bonus and a good jumpstart for you.

Knowing where to meet women is only half the battle. What is more difficult is the getting-to-know-you stage. However, it should never stop you from going out and meeting bunch of singles. Stay cool!

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