So do you like to know what attracts women? Are you wondering how you can get them to notice you?

Attracting women may not be easy but it all starts with personality and attitude. If you think that your looks and money will do the talking, then you are wrong because there is more than to it.

The thing is, women are far concern with a man's character than he's good looks and pockets. They prefer guys who have sense of humor and smart enough to offer them a witty and lingering conversation.

Now, with all of these things, let's break down what attracts women most and see how you can start from there. Read on!

Confidence. Women are attracted to men who have enough guts and confidence. This attribute is simply magnetic and can pull women closer to you. In many ways, this is not easy to develop but you just need to believe in yourself and on the things you are capable of doing.

Be calm and emotionally unaffected. The way you maintain your calmness and composure in any external circumstances is what makes you emotionally unaffected. Even if things get out of hand or hell breaks loose around you, you can still get hold of your emotions and feel good about anything no matter what.

Being uncontrollable. Most often than not, women will not feel attracted to men they can overpower and control. She will test your character without you knowing it. The only way to pass that test is by not obeying her command and chasing her around.

Being funny and dominant. Men who have sense of humor and dominance are irresistible. So if you were able to make her laugh while showing your dominance and leadership, you are likely to be the man she will love to be with.

Body language. So do you want to know another thing on what attracts women? Why not consider your body language? You can show how attractive you are through body language. The way you carry yourself, how you walk, sit and talk will matter a lot. Better yet, develop a good body language and start attracting women.

Be passionate about life. The success you achieve in your personal and professional life will affect how women perceive you. If you want to attract the opposite sex, love yourself, be passionate about life and learn to fulfill your dreams.

Happiness is a key. What attracts women most are guys who are happy and contented about their lives. Remember, happiness is contagious and people can easily sense it. Surely, you know how women want to live their life to the fullest and one way to achieve that is being with a man who can make them happy and appreciated.

What attracts women are not money, good looks and influence. It is always your character and personality that will matter at the end of the day. So instead of merely focusing in your physical appearance, why not develop a personality that women love the most?