“Twifing Less. Adoring more” is the motto used by the developers of this social and dating app. Twifless was created as aTINDER ALTERNATIVE, and will help you to find long-lasting relationships, and perhaps true love. In order to achieve this endeavor, Twifless work in the following ways;

Ensuring Mutual Compatibility

Twifless is equipped with a “Twifometer” which gauges your compatibility with other users of the app, and helps you get matched with people that share similar interests and preferences. Are you tired of one-time encounters and failed relationships? Give the Twifometer a spin and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Avoiding Rejection

This app is allows you to view your potential match’s tastes and preferences, and other background information that may help you on the fateful first date. Have you ever stumbled awkwardly trying to find an interesting topic to talk about with your date? Twifless makes sure this won’t happen ever again.

Having good old-fashioned encounters

Nowadays most young adults spend their time glued to their cellphone screen, even during social encounters. Twifless addresses this by pairing you with the most interesting matches so you can have pleasant eye-to-eye conversations with your date. Imagine your love life without frustrating dates where all your partner does is constantly stare at their cell’s screen; Twifless makes this dream into a reality.

Providing Exciting New Date Scenarios

The fact that Twifless matches you with persons that share the same interests opens up a whole new category of dating possibilities. Are you into videogames? Then arrange a date with your partner to spend some time on this hobby. Do you like sports? Then consider planning a date to a local team’s sports match.

As a TINDER ALTERNATIVE, Twifless opens a whole new world of dating opportunities that, at the very least, will allow you to have good times with your date. If you’re lucky, you might just find the love of your life!

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