In this article, we're going see a trap in which many guys fall when trying to attract a girl they like.Unfortunately, many of them aren't aware of the existence of this trap, and those who are aware of it sometimes still make this mistake, without noticing it.And unfortunately, it prevents them from attracting the girl in question.This mistake is... looking for the validation of the girl.Too many guys desperately try to appeal to the girls they want in an attempt to arouse their interest.Usually the guy overtly tries to meet the girl's expectations (or rather what he thinks these expectations are), and the girl clearly notices it.She clearly notices that he's doing his best to appeal to her.She clearly understands that the guy will be an easy catch.

There is no intrigue.

She clearly understands that the guy wants her and will do everything he can to get her, even compromising his values and principles.Sometimes the guy doesn't communicate this in a overt manner (most of the time actually), and rather communicates this through his attitude.But the result is the same.The guy makes the girl understand that he definitely needs her affection.And this is a real turn-off.First, it removes the mystery and the challenge that presents a man who stand up for himself and doesn't need her validation.And second, it conveys a low social status.It shows that the guy doesn't lead a successful life. A life of abundance. A life over which he really has control.It shows that this girl is the only option he has (because if he had other options, he wouldn't try so hard to get her affection).Unlike the successful man who has many options and who can choose between a large panel of women, the needy guy doesn't have options.That's why he tries so hard when he finally gets the opportunity to interact with a girl.But when this girl senses that she is his only option, she quickly loses her interest in him.

Women are attracted to high value men.

High value men have options.That's why high value men don't look for the validation of the women they interact with.When a girl senses that a man has a lot of options, her interest in him rises.She gets turned on by this competition.She starts to get much more attracted to him.The fact that many other women want this guy is also a fact that push the girl into his direction.It conveys high social value. Quite the opposite of the guy who isn't appreciate by any woman.Thus, as you have understand...

When you want to attract a girl, don't look for her validation.

Don't look for her affection.Don't look for her attention.The best way to adopt an attitude that naturally conveys this is to have many options.When a girl is not your only option, you tend to treat her in a way that is going to turn her on.When you have a lot of options, you don't even have to consciously think about how to behave in order to keep girls attracted to you.Competition between girls and high perceived value do the job by themselves.Now, if this girl is your only option, you can still attract her:Just remember that you should behave in a way that doesn't make her think that you need her (you shouldn't even need her).You must not give the impression that you need the validation or the affection of this girl.Don't be attached to a girl you barely know or who isn't attracted to you.Focus on your projects and your life mission.

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