Not all men are successful with dating and it is important for them to learn how to attract women. Men who experience problems in attracting ladies can use a guide known as the Tao of Badass to improve their love lives. This guide was created by Joshua Pellicer, a well known dating expert.

Pellicer made the decision to share his dating tips with men after he overcame dating problems. He had tried many programs that promised to help men find the women of their dreams but they did not work. He therefore started his own dating research and compiled a comprehensive guide.

• The Tao of Bad ass exposed

Essentially, the Tao of Bad ass is a dating manual for gentlemen, which is meant to help them attract the women they want without having to spend too much money, use cheap cologne or use pick up lines. It explains how men can be more confident to pursue the women they want and guarantees that they achieve the end result they are looking for.

Joshua Pellicer used a psychology book that he had used in a college course as inspiration to create the Tao of Badass guide. After he read the book, he saw a theoretical pattern that men could use to pick up women. He tried out the first theory around women at his place of work and then decided to research psychological techniques that men could use

Joshua spent time studying psychology to understand dating rituals and women better. This included studying body language and communication among others behavioral instincts. After reading dozens of psychology texts, he came up with the best techniques that men could use to attract women based on psychological facts.

The Tao of Bad ass uncovers the laws of attraction and it can help men of any age to find hidden secrets to successful dating. It is meant to help gentlemen understand ladies better. After they read this guide, men can avoid making mistakes that lead women to avoid certain men.

The Tao of Badass provides men with a simple method of approaching ladies. This makes it easier for them to become desirable to women. It trains men on how to display the right body language, how to start and maintain interesting conversations and the common tests that women use to gauge men. This guide can help you be more successful with dating women. It is readily available for download and it comes with money back guarantee.
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