Imagine a friend whom you have known for decades. Perhaps you two lived in the same neighborhood, grew up together, maybe you studied in the same school and went to the same college too. There are examples of such lifelong friends, even if they are not very common these days. When you have a friend with whom you have shared most of your life till now, you don't need any special attribute in that person. Both of you will know so much about each other that there will be enough to like and dislike, to be angry with and to have fun upon. Shared memories will always trigger more joy than a funny gag. There are bound to be helpless, clueless and embarrassing incidents that will swell up your eyes and tickle you to death.

None of that exists when you start online dating, unless you come across one such friend or classmate who knows a lot about you and you about him or her. Even if you have little in common or some acquaintance, which is rare indeed, you must work on your humor. It is quintessential to have some sense of humor for singles to impress one another while online dating and when that first date happens.

The term humor is overused and often hyped. It may make no sense and may sound like a cliché to many. But it will make sense when you get to the simplest of reasons why we date. The reason we look for company, for someone to love and be loved, to have fun and to hold onto is because we want to be happy. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. When you are indulging in online dating, when you go out on that first date or make that first call, you are unlikely to be joyous from the very first instant. You may be thrilled, excited and optimistic. But you would not be happy.

You will be happy when you have a good time. Since singles meeting for the first time will not have much in common or shared history to talk about, all realities must be shared with a pinch of humor. Even if two people know the ins and outs of one another's professional challenges, if two people hail from the same cultural and socioeconomic background or even if two people have known one another at some point in time, a bland retelling of how life is, what is happening or what one looks forward to is just a simple evening with no spices whatsoever. The bland discussions will exist throughout one's life. Those cannot be the precursor to a relationship or having fun.

No matter which of the online dating sites you are on, what your online dating objective is and what kind of relationship tips you have imbibed upon, you must develop a sense of humor. You don't have to be a standup comic or very funny, you can learn to lighten things up and laugh at yourself.

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