To break up or not to break up? This is a difficult decision that many women are faced with everyday. They really love and care for their boyfriend but they don't know if they should keep on putting up with all the negatives. It is much easier to experience the feeling of love than it is to find the right man for you.

Many females these are in love with the guy that is not good for them. If you are tired of putting up with the crap it might be time to let go, even if you love him. Check out some signs that will help you decide if it is time to dump your boyfriend.

The Way He Dresses

If your man dresses like he doesn't care then chances he isn't really interested in the relationship he has with you. You put a lot of thought and effort into the way you dress, but he looks like he just rolled out of bed and threw something on.

If he is fine with wearing wrinkled shirts, dingy jeans, and untidy hair whenever you two go out on dates it's a huge sign he is interested in other things than you. Tell him it is time to change his attire or you will change him.

Does He Participate

If your boyfriend doesn't like participating with you in the things you love to do then why bother being with him. A relationship is supposed to be a partnership where both people spend time doing things with each other. Especially if you always participate and do things with him that you wouldn't even do if you weren't him, you should expect your boyfriend to return the favor.

If he is unwilling to spend time with you doing the things you like doing it may be time to move on. If you put up with this eventually the relationship will be about doing things that he likes doing and you two will do the things you love doing very rarely.

Does He Wandering Eyes

There is nothing worse than being out with your boyfriend and you notice that he has more eyes for the females around the two of you than he does for his girlfriend. No girl deserves a guy that has to take a glance at every woman that passes him, especially while she's with him. Your man should only have eyes for you, so make sure you don't put up with this because it could mean he's cheating or will cheat on you.

He Puts His Friends Before You

If your boyfriend puts his friends before you all the time it's time to put an end to the relationship. What's the point of being with someone if you aren't the top priority in their life, or at least more important to him than his friends. If he would rather play video games or go to the club with friends than spend time with you dump him and find a guy that will spend more time with you than his friends.

Any guy that spends more time with his friends than girlfriend has no intention of improving the relationship and building it into something worthwhile. Don't waste your time and energy in a relationship that's going nowhere.

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