Online dating can be fun, but also hazardous if not treated properly. Whilst the vast majority of people will be nice and normal, there will always be a few unsavoury types who are looking for something that you are not. With so many dating services out there, such as Global Personals, you should be able to see some success with a little effort. Of course, the first step will be in engaging in a conversation through the platform set up through the dating service. When you receive a message, consider these tips on how to deal with them.

First things first, look at the images. It may be superficial to say it but if you don't feel any attraction to the person, it may not be worth your time replying to them. If they do catch your eye, read the message they have sent you once or twice to soak it all in.

All of the messages you receive will be different. Some will be extremely short and simple, such as a simple greeting like 'hi', while others will be more in depth. It is up to you how you deal with these. Those just writing 'hi' are usually less likely to be interested in developing a proper relationship, and will often be scouring dating sites looking for hook ups. Those who have actually put the effort into reading your profile and sending you a message that picks up on certain things within it are generally better options. So, go with your gut and simply respond to those who tickle your fancy.

When it comes to responding to the message, you need to do several things. Firstly, never reveal anything too personal. So, even if they come out and tell you their full name, don't respond with yours. Doing so will mean that they may be able to find your profile on social networks, which can open yourself up to even more personal info being shared. Needless to say, never give out your phone number or any specific details about where you live. That sort of information should only be shared later on, once you fully trust the person and have, ideally met up with them already.

The content of your returned message should mimic theirs. In other words, answer any questions they have asked and return the sentiment in order to find out more about them. Read through their profile and try to pick out a few things that you have in common. Keep things light and breezy and make no mention of anything too serious. This should only turn out to be the first in a series of messages that lead you to either choose to go on a date with the person, or more on to someone else.

Once you have written out your message, re-read it just to check how it sounds. When you're happy, send it off and put the ball back into their court. If they continue to keep the tone light and breezy that is usually a good sign, so keep going from there, learning more about each other with each message. Once the conversation comes round to meeting up in person, make your choice based on how the conversation has gone.

It's really that simple. Online dating with Global Personals or any other site should be fun, so treat it like that and don't take it too seriously. If you put too much pressure on it, you may end up disappointed, so enjoy the ride and see where it takes you.
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