On Single Honeys .com, http://www.singlehoneys.com, members get paid to date by other members. Attractive members can earn hundreds of dollars a week for companionship dating. Dates can raise money for tuition, dating expenses like clothing, living expenses or even charity.

Who pays to date?

Guys find it hard to get a hot date on online dating sites. Competition is fierce. The incentive factor leads to more dates on Single Honeys and guys get the chance to shine. Generous guys understand that dating costs girls. They want girls to look good and don't mind paying extra. After all, they are paying for dinner and drinks anyway.

Not everyone is ready for romance. Those who have just ended relationships often want a soft entry back into dating, without the pressure of romance. Girls just want to have fun. Right?!

Persons travelling, taking gap years or moving cities will find Single Honeys very useful. An attractive member can show you around on a date and give you insights that you would never get on a tour. This is far better than resorting to the sex trade for company!

Passionate about a charity? Single Honeys is ideal for serial daters raising money while dating. Paying members may support your charity and zeal! Be aware, dating often leads to love!

Mobile texting is banned

In return for being paid an attendance fee the paid date promises to turn up looking good and refrain from mobile texting and calls (except emergencies). This is keep the experience of the date real. Single Honeys is not a sex site and sex solicitation by either party is forbidden. Nor is Single Honeys an escort service. The deal is between members and Single Honeys does not take commission.

Single Honeys is similar but different to sugar daddy sites. On Single Honeys you don't have to be a millionaire or a super model. Anyone who is willing to pay the date fee can join. The paying member also pays for dinner and drinks expenses.

Offer to dating blog subscribers

Single Honeys .com is offering subscribers to this dating blog an opportunity to become founder members. The offer is at zero cost monthly, 100% free with IM and chat, and with 1,000 V.I.P. credits. Members must post profiles before the official launch on the 15th February, 2016.

The maximum beta membership will be 10,000. Full service will commence on the 15th February, 2016. Mobile apps, Android and iOS are planned to launch in March. Join now at http://www.singlehoneys.com

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