How to talk to Women  When it comes to dating, not all men know how to start a conversation. Some of them simply fall short while others are plain stupid. You must know that women are into charming and witty alpha male and you need to live up with that expectation.

With all of these being said, keep in mind that it's not about good looks or deeper pockets though they are part of the package. What matters the most is you personality. Even if you have an average look, you still can attract the women population as long as you are confident and you know how to talk to women.

The truth is, what you do and say to a woman reflects to your personality. You should carry yourself with confidence and make a move without second guessing. With this, you will be drawing attraction the moment you start conversation.

So why not start learning on how to talk to women perfectly? Why not consider some tips below? Read on!

Tips on how to talk to women

Be humorous. So do you want to know how to get a woman's heart easily? Why not try being humorous? Women simple love guys who can have great sense of humor and who can make them laugh regardless of the situation.

Use your charm. In talking with women, you need to use your charm effectively. You have to make sure that she will love everything you do. Know your best asset and use it to your advantage.

Get intimate with her. You need to do some teasing and playful touches while talking to a woman. Most of them are turned on by men who can take a normal conversation into something intimate and personal. Just don't overdo it that you might offend her.

Pay attention. You will know what she thinks of you and the conversation you are having through non-verbal cues. Make sure to pay attention on her body language. When she doesn't like what you are talking about or what you are doing, she will give you hints and you need to get the message to avoid further damage.

Know when to compliment. A compliment or two will let her know that you are attracted to her. If you don't want to look stupid and someone who is trying hard to impress her, avoid giving too much compliments. This will also show how desperate you are with her.

Avoid interview-style questions. This is one common mistake that you should avoid. Asking too many questions about her life and other stuff will make the conversation boring. Instead, start a conversation that both of you will love to talk about. Also, stating your opinion about things is necessary.

Let her know the real you. This is one of the tips on how to talk to women that you should consider. Never hide your identity and don't create stories just to impress her. Let her know what you're passionate about and everything will fall into places.

Get rid of the friend zone. Sometimes a funny and lingering conversation ends up in friend zone. If you really like her, say something that will let her know how interested you are with her as a woman.

How to talk to women may not be easy but confidence and wit will help you get through it. Just keep you cool and never allow your nervousness overrule you. Be confident!

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