Everyone has know a ''nice girl.'' She is the women who will overcompensate, giving everything to a man she barely knows, without him having to invest in the relationship.

She's the woman who gives blindly because she wants so much for her attentions to be reciprocated.

She's the woman who goes along with what she thinks her man will like or want because she wants to keep the relationship at all cost.

Every woman, at some point, has been there.

Certainly, the average fashion magazine gives women ridiculous relationship advice that makes it easy to understand why women are so eager to overcompensate:

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''Play hard to get, then cook him a four-course meal...bake him valentine's cookies with exotic sprinkles shipped from Malaysia (just like Martha Stewart).

Don't forget the little doilies and the organic strawberries that you drove 2 hours to get. Then serve it all to him on the second date, wearing a black lace nightie.''

And what is this a recipe for? Disaster.

Especially when it comes to dealing with a man. With one caveat: If you chase him in a black nightie, first he'll have sex with you...and then he'll run.

Why does a man run from a situation like this one? He runs because the woman's behavior doesn't suggest that she places a high value on herself.

The relationship is new and the bond between them is relatively shallow. Yet she's already dealt him her best card.

The fact that she is willing to overcompensate to a virtual stranger immediately suggests one of two things. He'll either assume she is desperate, or both.

What gets lost is his appreciation for her extra effort. Once a man begins to lose respect for a woman because she is willing to subtly devalue herself, he will also lose the desire to get closer to her. Nightie or no nightie.

A nice girl, on the other hand, won't kill herself to impress anyone. This is why the woman he really falls in love with doesn't serve a four-course meal.

And you won't see her breaking out the fancy china, either. She'll start out cooking him a one-course meal. (POPCORN.) No fancy doilies.

A Tupperware bowl does the trick. She simply asks her guest,

''Hey, do you want the bag or the bowl?''

Six months later, the same woman throws together a meal and puts down a hot plate in front of him. And what does he say to himself?

''Man! I'm special!''

It doesn't matter if it is pasta with Ragu topped by a meat-ball you picked up at the corner deli. He'll say, ''This is the best pasta i have ever had in my life!''

Now he feels like a king. And the only difference is the amount of time and effort he to invest, first. He didn't get it all right up front and he appreciated it more.


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