Getting hooked up with an adorable sugar momma is a dream that most of the young men aspire to live. After all, who doesn't want to be surrounded by mature, classy and elegant women who is bestowed with the experience and is more curious towards establishing a casual relationship? While cougar dating app might turn out to be an excellent choice when looking for older women around you, still there are certain know-hows that you have to understand in order to make the most of it.

This article will focus on one such renowned dating app that is used by everyone- Tinder. With a network of over 3 million active users worldwide, at present tinder has come synonymous to online dating. This is something that indeed proves the popularity of online platforms for discovering your ideal match.

However, you have to realize that cougar dating is not the same as the traditional style of dating. Here, you are up for a old mature women, who is already achieved great heights in her career, has been through every color of life, and thus knows about dating more than you. So, the challenge is to impress them! In the beginning, it might seem like a difficult task, but wait with tinder by your side this can be accomplished in a seamless manner.

What is The Role of Tinder in Cougar Dating?

Like other prominent apps, tinder is a free cougar dating app that helps you in identifying matches according to your requirements. For this, it is equipped with three spectacular features and they are:

The Swipe Style: Swipe happens to be the key design of tinder. With this the user can either swipe right so as to like their potential matches or left to ignore them. The more you are able to expand your presence on this app, the better will be your chances of being swiped right!

Integration With Instagram: Using this your potential match can get access to your Instagram profile, and if you maintain a stunning one then, without a doubt cougars are going to be swayed in no time. After all, the way you represent on your social media accounts speaks volumes about your personality and this where you are put to test.

Common Connections: Never be deceived by the power of common connections in cougar hookup apps, as this can turn out to be a wonderful tool to unleash the best cougars within your networks, now that's interesting right! Who knows the mutual friends of your friend might be the MIF that you are looking for.

How To Approach Cougars on Tinder?

Identifying cougar that increases palpitations of your heart is easy, yet understanding how to approach them is what makes the difference. You must be backed by a perfect plan right from the beginning. Because as said before, cougars are wise and are able to sense b-sing (bluff your way through) mile away.

Therefore, never approach the potential match on cougar dating free app with a general salutation, as that is something that they receive in thousands. Rather, form a zone on particular element and try to be more specific. This definitely showcases that you are interested in the relationship and have spent a good amount of time to get to know more about her.

The catch however lies in capturing their attention. For this you can work on two things: your sense of humor and personality. Cougars would never want to waste their time on men who doesn't excite them or bring their adventurous side out, thus you have to take the initiative to make yourself stand apart from the rest.

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