interracial dating

Asians are revered in pop culture and certainly have made their mark on movies, television and in comic book lore. However, there is a stereotype going around that says Asian men are not sexy like white or black men. However, this is certainly not the case in any scientific sense. In fact, some studies show that many black women—who are sometimes taken for granted by black or white men—have begun dating Asian men and have found them to be every bit as charming as any other race.

So if you are an Asian man interested in interracial dating, but don’t seem to get any interest, the problem is not race. The problem is in approaching these women in a spirit of confidence. Here are some tips on how to use your race to your advantage and rise to the occasion.

1. Summon your inner confidence.

Oftentimes, women don’t know what they’re attracted to unless they feel something “in the moment.” By nature, women are attracted to confidence. So naturally, if you’re an Asian man and are thinking negative thoughts like, “She will never date a guy like me…” of course you’re going to project that and she will not feel inclined to accept. When you want to date someone in an interracial relationship you do have to be strong and confident—perhaps even more so. Don’t show your doubt. Rather, show her that you do want this and that she’s going to be very happy with you. This is the right frame of mind to take.

2. Don’t be afraid to express your romantic interest.

A lot of women seem to be proud of the fact that they’re friends with Asian men, so don’t try so hard to be her friend that you forget to flirt, be funny and show yourself to be a sexual being with desires. Jumping into the friend-zone—by avoiding the topics of you two dating, or by being afraid to say what you’re really thinking—is no way to improve your dating life. If anything, you have a natural advantage. A lot of women will be friends with Asian men since she doesn’t immediately see you as a threat. But you can quickly climb out of the “friend zone” by flirting, displaying your natural abilities, and showing yourself to be a good listener and conversationalist. She will quickly learn that you are someone special and that’s what women want.

3. Be awesome at something.

Too many men opt for the same old routines, rather than focus on becoming really good at something and showcasing their talent. This is a good way for you to be remembered and to rise above all the other guys who are still floundering out there. Whether your talent is music, art, writing or athletics, women are always impressed when you have a talent that lets you shine in public.

4. Intellectually challenge her.

Women are tired of men being too nice to them. They are also tired of men trying too hard to be mean. Instead, why not try challenging her? Rely on your knowledge of culture, world news, or your creativity. A strong mind, like a strong body, will help you appear confident in her presence.

Simply put, the only Asian men who cannot date white or black women are the ones who cower away and let racist attitudes stop them from reaching out and taking a chance. Be brave and you may be surprised at how easy interracial dating is.

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