"Capture his heart and make him love you forever," was written by Micheal Fiore and Claire Casey. This book outlines and breaks down 3 simple steps to get the man of your dreams to fall for you hook, line and sinker. Now, within the 3 steps there are many subtle nuances that are explored and explained about the male psyche. There are also several key things explained about the differences in thinking between women and men. This book was written to help women understand men better in order to get and keep the types of relationships they truly desire with men.

Honestly, after reading and listening to the audio portion presented in Capture his heart by Micheal Fiore, I was a believer. Many of the tips and explanations made sense when you really took the time to think about them. I also thought about the many relationship faux pas I'd continuously committed, only to wind up hurt and disappointed in the end. I'll cut to the chase by stating that the three steps suggested in the book are dead on but I feel would require some personal introspection in order to be successful. Confidence, beauty and sex appeal were written off as major attractors to keep a man and make him commit. Instead, the 3 simple steps seemed to point at self worth, knowing who you are and being completely comfortable with yourself. In a nutshell, self-love was one of the magical ingredients of the 3 simple steps. A woman should neither throw herself at a man, nor be aloof to attract attention. A woman that isn't worried about whether a man likes her because she likes herself is infinitely attractive to a man.

Step 1: Neediness is not attractive.
The second simple step outlined was the need to plant a future seed in the mans mind without making ultimatums or demands. It should come across as an idea originating from the man. Men tend not to be future oriented in their thinking, so the woman has to create a calm atmosphere about the future where there is no pressure involved. Perhaps this might be conveyed in her future hopes and dreams shared in a calm, gentle and non threatening way which might make him imagine himself as part of that future. She might use her future desires to make him feel inclined to initiate his participation and presence in her life and dreams.

Step 2. Create thoughts of the possibility of a future.
The first two steps build on each other, which makes the last step possible. A woman that doesn't appear to need a man but doesn't come across as bitter or angry becomes credible to a man. She is strong in who she is, so that her focus is not overly directed at a man or lacking in focus. She can talk about commonalities and the man is free to think about and visualize himself as part of her life without the need for demands or ultimatums. A very subtle, gentle persuasion is taking place between the man and the woman.

Lastly, with the first two steps firmly in place the man is free to fall for the woman and pursues her He feels like it's his idea because she is neither desperately clinging to him or pushing him away. She is simply showcasing who she is and what she has to offer without over or underselling herself. When he finally makes the decision to go forward with the relationship on a serious level the ground has been laid by the woman in a very stealth, yet unthreatening manner. The man feels that he has earned the relationship because the woman has let him pursue and conquer without cheapening herself by appearing desperate or angry.

Step 3. Let him chase you
The book goes into much more detail surrounding these 3 simple steps. The explanations are so common sense and simple that when you think about them, you know they must work. One obvious fact stated was that a woman has to be really serious about following the steps to get the results she wants. It requires self reflection and a willingness to be open to the differences between men and women in order to learn techniques necessary to create and maintain a lasting, loving relationship with a man. For more information you can check Capture his heart Review.
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