So you've been flirting for a while on a website like and now its crunch time. The old faithful combination of dinner, movie or a museum can make dating feel a bit of a chore sometimes. So here are a few alternative date ideas that are definitely a step away from the usual routine!

The Blind Date

A great choice if you are indecisive. Grab the What's On section of your local newspaper, close your eyes and randomly place your finger. Whatever it lands on, you go to. This cuts both the worrying about impressing your date and choosing something you'll both enjoy; it'll be a new experience for you both, and definitely something to spark up conversation.

Amusement Park

It would seem an obvious choice, but it' one that often skips peoples minds. All those scary rides will get the adrenaline rushing, and you have the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your honey on the ghost train. Ladies, just be sure to pack that waterproof mascara if you'e planning on riding the Log Flume!

Zoo or SeaWorld

Often on first dates, conversation can be awkward because you don't know an awful lot about each other. The idea behind this is the animals, as well as the fun facts zoos or SeaWorld provide about them will give you both a cute talking point, not to mention the adorable and hilarious things animals do. Likewise, if you visit a museum or art gallery, the exhibitions should be more than enough to provoke some stimulating debate.

Go Dancing

There is a wealth of possibility here, depending on what you'e into. If you're more vintage inclined, try an energetic swing dancing class; for a bit of spice and passion, why not take a sultry Tango lesson? Either way, this date will allow shy types an excuse to break the all-important touch barrier and gaze into their lover's eyes without nervousness getting in the way. After all, it's part of the experience, right?

First dates can be understandably daunting, especially if you've not been on one for a while. Even if you've been flirting for a while on, shyness can still loom when meeting face to face. Hopefully these alternative date ideas will take a bit of the pressure off, and let you have a relaxing time. Have fun!
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