If you are a guy then there will come a time when you will like a girl that you think you can't get. Chances are you have already been in a situation like this or you're dealing with it right now.

It can be tough seeing a girl you really like on a regular basis but you are too intimidated and scared to approach her, because you don't have a clue when it comes tohow to ask a girl out.

The truth is getting a girl to like you is easy once you know how. Check out the 4 key tips below to get a girl to like you, especially one you're interested in.

Use Flattery

Women love to get flattered by guys. As a matter of fact when you learn how to flatter a girl properly she'll open up more to you and become more comfortable while the two of you are having a conversation.

Using flattery can be a bad thing too if you use it excessively while talking to her. Don't tell her she's beautiful every time you see her, because she'll end up thinking you're too obsessed with her and creepy.

Use flattery in moderation like when you notice that she just got her hair done or is dressed up nicely. In situations such as these you can flatter by saying "I like your hair like this you look pretty", or tell her that she looks nice today and you like her shoes, shirt, dress, etc. Using effective ways to flatter her such as these will let her know you find her attractive and you would date her if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Talk About What She Likes

While you're flattering her and getting to know her do the best to learn as much as you can about her. Once you find out her interests you can then talk to her about things she likes, which will make it easier for you to get to know her, make her comfortable with you, and ultimately getting her to like you.

Try to keep in mind that this isn't one of your guy friends who you can talk to about sports all day. Even though some women actually take a liking to sports and can probably hold a conversation about her favorite sport team just like any guy, it is a good idea to play it safe and find out what her interests are first so you can guarantee that you'll leave a good impression on her.

Make Her Laugh

Girls love guys that are funny so if you can keep her smiling while you're talking to her she'll love being around you. When you're trying to be funny avoid telling her jokes that might make you look stupid more than it makes you look funny.

Instead, tell her about a funny real life story that you've encountered. Make sure you keep smiling while you talk to her and she'll see what a great personality you have.


Flirting can be an effective way to get a girl to like you. However, you can't flirt too much or she'll begin to think you are a creep. The same rule applies to flirting with her as it does flattering her, don't over do it. The best type of flirting is when you do it in a casual way.

A powerful way to flirt with a girl is to touch her. For example, you can touch slightly on her ears while giving her a compliment on her earrings, or try placing your hand on her thighs as you two are sitting down somewhere talking about something.

When you touch her keep an eye on how she reacts to it so you'll know if it is a good idea to continue touching her in the future. If you touch her in the right way you will be building the physical attraction you need to make her have no other choice but to want you.

Whenever you want to get a girl to like you it is important to leave a good impression on her. Don't just depend on your looks to get the girl you want. Follow these 4 tips and charm your way into her heart.

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